South Australian Snowsports Association

Welcome to The South Australian Snowsports Association (SASKI). SASKI’s charter is to promote all facets of snow sport in South Australia, promoting membership of the Association and promoting the safety aspects of snow sport.

SASKI’s main activities include conducting the SA Interschools Championships.

So what are the South Australian Interschools Championships?

They are part of a National Interschools program. Facilitated here in South Australia by the South Australian Snowsport Association Inc (SASKI) know as SASKI Week with the support of sponsors. The event provides an opportunity for primary and secondary students to learn and showcase their skiing or snowboarding skills. Then at the end of the week compete for trophies for their school.

Membership is open to anyone irrespective of their skiing/snowboarding ability provided they are interested in participating and promoting snow sports in South Australia.

This year the, 2017 South Australian Interschools Snowsport Championships, part of the National Snowsport Participation strategy, and forms the basis of SASKI Week is on Monday 16 July to Friday 21 July 2017, and will be held at Falls Creek Alpine Resort, Victoria.

For all the latest news visit SASKI Week Program.

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